July 8, 2014: The China Institute of Scientific and Technological Information 

Rob Atkinson is pictured with Minister Wan Gang, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology holding a translated copy of Innovation Economics.

April 11, 2013: 800-CEO-READ

800-CEO-READ named Innovation Economics a top 25 read for CEOs

February 11, 2013: The New York Times Opinion Pages

Carpe Diem Nation by David Brooks

January 6, 2013: Global Policy Interview 

Stephen Ezell talks to Global Policy’s Kat Wall about “Innovation Economics”

December 3, 2012: TechCast

A TechCast Expert’s Wake-up Call

November 30, 2012: Federal Computer Week

Book Excerpt: The Government’s Role in Spurring Innovation

October 17, 2012: Money Radio 1510

Rob Atkinson on Money Radio 150 “Business for Breakfast”

October 11, 2012: FOX News

Rob Atkinson on FOX News answering is the U.S. losing the global innovation advantage race?

October 10, 2012: Blog Business World

Review praising Innovation Economics in the “Blog Business World”

October 6, 2012: The New York Times

The Seeds That Federal Money Can Plant by Steve Lohr

October 4, 2012: Stephen Ibaraki Interview Series

Stephen Ibaraki interviews Rob Atkinson on Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Advantage for his podcast series

October 2, 2012: White House Chronicle

 “White House Chronicle Host” Llewellyn King host Rob Atkinson for an episode called “Technology and Economics”

September 25, 2012: Charlotte Talks on WFAE

Innovation Economics on “Charlotte Talks” with Mike Collins

September 24, 2012: KPCW Radio

KPCW “Mountain Money” Show Interviews Rob Atkinson

September 24, 2012: Marginal Revolution

Tyler Cowen’s take on Innovation Economics

September 17, 2012: Nightly Business Report

Winning the Global Innovation Race Requires Necessary Changes, Rob Atkinson explains on this appearance with PBS’ “Nightly Business Report”

September 14, 2012: The Street

Robert Atkinson on “The Street,” saying the next President need to tackle America’s innovation crisis to bring back manufacturing

September 10, 2012: Bloomberg Radio

Taking Stock‘s Pimm Fox interviews Rob Atkinson on Innovation Economics

September 10, 2012: Forbes

How America’s Hapless Taxpayers are Funding China’s Growth

September 8, 2012: At Promise Nation

Stephen Ezell breakdowns the innovation crisis our nation faces on At-Promise Nation on The Big Talker 1580 AM CBS Radio

August 25, 2012: ComputerWorld

HP’s Bad Quarter Could Prove Bad for America

August 24, 2012: GE Ideas Roundtable in The Atlantic 

In the Age of Big Data, the American Information Sector Stays Small
More Baby Boomers Need to Delay Retirement


January 7, 2012: The Intensifying Competition for Global Innovation Leadership (Global Policy Journal)

November 1, 2012: Looking for Good Jobs? Look to Big Companies (MonsterThinking)

September 20, 2012: America’s Looming IP Drain (Huffington Post)

September 19, 2012: Why U.S. Economy Imploded and Why Recovery is So Slow (The Hill)

September 19, 2012: Should We Expect Multinationals to Be Loyal? (The Globalist)


Special Feature: Book Review – Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Advantage by Gilbert B. Kaplan and Lauren M. Donoghue

Ike Brannon reviews Innovation Economics in a Cato Magazine review titled “The Pitfalls of Reforming a Broken System”

The Economist reviews Innovation Economics in “How Not to be Left Behind: Why America Cannot See that it is Losing Traction”


Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Advantage offers a frank assessment of many of the underlying causes of our economic challenges and helps explain why recovery has remained so elusive. Rob Atkinson and Stephen Ezell have collaborated on a timely call to action: America can compete and win the global economic race, but only if we change our mindset and update many of our policies”—Senator Mark Warner (D, VA)

“The United States is increasingly being left behind in the global competition for high-value production and jobs. While this trend is lowering our standard of living, there are steps government can take to stem this decline, such as making STEM education a national priority and pursuing a 21st century growth agenda that acknowledges the important role that innovation plays. Innovation Economics is an important read for those of us concerned about our nation’s long-term economic challenges but optimistic about solutions to improve our future in our own time.”—Congressman Richard Hanna (R-NY)

Innovation Economics offers the most pragmatic guideposts for American and global economic renewal today. I recommend it for every leader in or out of office.”— Calestous Juma, Harvard Kennedy School

“As a long-time analyst of the trends shaping the global economy, I am struck by the increasing number of economic and political leaders that do not grasp how serious the structural economic problems facing America are. I hope they read Innovation Economics. It “speaks truth power” with candor, reason and wit and offers fresh thinking and a path forward. Rob Atkinson and Stephen Ezell have been making important contributions and better ideas about economic policy for years. Their new book is eye-opening and alarming and arrives at a critical time.” —Lenny Mendonca, McKinsey & Company, McKinsey Global Institute

“For those of us who believe America’s brightest days are ahead of us, Atkinson and Ezell offer important insights about how we can insure that innovation is at the core of our country’s progress.”—Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware

“Rob Atkinson and Stephen Ezell present a compelling analysis of the causes of America’s long-term structural decline, providing a very readable account of the decline in our innovation advantage. They lay out an important agenda for learning from what other countries have done, and overcoming our barriers to making our innovation system more robust and globally competitive.”—Willy C. Shih, Harvard Business School

“It was rousing to read Innovation Economics. The authors have built a thorough and extensive understanding of the wide nature and spectrum of innovation as well as of reasons why the U.S. and all nations have so many challenges to run successful innovation policy. The list of eight “I’s” is an excellent summation of the broad areas that are crucial for successful innovation policy. I really enjoyed becoming familiar with the in-depth study and argumentation by the authors, and fully agreed with them.”—Dr. Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara, CEO, Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

“Atkinson and Ezell provide the definitive guide to innovation and its impact on economic prosperity. If you care about innovation, you need to read this book.”—Justin Rattner, Chief Technology Officer, Intel Corporation

“In today’s highly competitive global economy, innovation matters more than ever to a country’s standard of living. But as Atkinson and Ezell so persuasively argue, this is a race in which the US is falling behind. Even more concerning, they draw striking parallels to other countries that have followed similar paths. This book challenges many myths about the US’s long-term competitive situation, and offers important suggestions for how to reverse course. With Innovation Economics, Atkinson and Ezell have sounded an important wake up call.”—Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School



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